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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Mini Trend Forecast

Whilst flicking through August Vogue, I noticed in a few of the Autumn/Winter ad campaigns a potential new mini-trend: long chain necklaces with a single oversized, navel-grazing charm, almost like a medallion. The reason this caught my eye was because it marks a change from the recent proliferation of more delicate chains featuring 3 or 4 mini charms.

In the YSL campaign, the pendant features a bold silhouette of a single, glamorous, hat-clad woman on a long thick chain. In the Paul & Joe advertisement, the focal point is a super-size silver owl with jewelled eyes and body.

Such statement pieces are fantastic as they are dramatic, eye-catching, and can be added to any outfit. If wearing a simple black dress, for instance, such an accessory would add a interesting and quirky finish; and if wearing something more casual (such as Paul & Joe's knitted jumpsuit and aviator style jacket), the effect is instant glamour, which at the same time perfectly compliments a relaxed aesthetic. The best thing about trends such as these is not having to spend a fortune; I am excited about the prospect of trawling some vintage shops to find interesting pieces.

My advice is this: bigger is undoubtedly better!

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