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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rouge Allure

Jessica Rabbit

Yesterday, at a visit to the hairdressers, I hit the bottle so to speak and decided to dye my hair red. Or rather re-dye my hair - I was born a red head, but have been obstinately dying my hair for years (much to my mother's despair) every colour from blonde to deep chestnut. However now it is time to go back to my roots (or at least a deep burnished copper version).

I love the fact that red heads have always been controversial. In history, red heads were feared-the fiery colour of red used to symbolise violence. Writers have portrayed red heads as strange or unnatural characters, for instance Mark Twain believed that whilst humans were descended from apes, red heads were descended from cats. And in the great Russian novel The Master and Margarita, the female vampiress, Hella, is a red head.  There is no doubt then that this colour will always make a statement, I think that was best summed up by this unknown quotation:

Blondes are noticed, but red heads are never forgotten.

I think I'm addicted.  Here are some of my favourite fellow red heads of the moment:

Tilda Swinton - actress

Vivienne Westwood - designer
Julianne Moore - actress
Lily Cole - model

Julia Johansen - model

Pandora Lennard - fashion editor/stylist
Taylor Tomasi - editor hair looks amaze with: bright red lipstick; dark lipstick; pale skin; black and neutrals.....I am looking forward to experimenting with more new looks so watch this space!

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  1. Oh yeah~~ you're right about the red thing! Like in Of Mice And Men :) Curley's wife! I love Lily Cole. So gorgeous. The movie didn't make sense though...