One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art - Oscar Wilde

Monday, 29 November 2010

Hipsters Are Doing It For Themselves

The hipster ain't going nowhere despite a Youtube led cultural backlash against this Dalston bred breed at the moment. If anything they are becoming even more ubiquitous, turning up on just about every street corner and in every corner shop. I want to know what's next please. Bored now. 'Being a Dickhead' is not cool any more now that everyone is doing it. So, my prediction is this: the luxe-hipster. Still a bit grungey, but with a bit of spit-n-polish and some actual individuality mixed in (i.e. not a look you can bottle in a song). It's about adding your own idiosyncrasies to something that's already there. It's realising that not every accessory has to be 'ironic'. Here are some of my favourite luxe hipsters at the moment.

1. Clemence Poesy

The flouro yellow heels

2. Lou Doillon

The oversize men's tweed coat. With the sleeves rolled up.

3. Edie Campbell

The Mulberry Bag. The prim pleated skirt. The perfect red lips

4. Zoe Kravitz

The Little White Dress and matchy bag.

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