One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art - Oscar Wilde

Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday: Object of Desire

7 Deadly Sins Tank by Urban Outfitters

On my Radar: Thomas Wakeford

New name to know: London based design duo Thomas Wakeford. Their Spring Summer 2012 collection took as it's inspiration: the awesomeness of Beetlejuice and 90's psychadelia. Sold!!!!

Thomas Wakeford Spring Summer 2012

Thomas Wakeford Spring Summer 2012

The Awesomeness of Beetlejuice:

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday: Object of Desire

TWO TONE T from Zara.

On my Radar: Elliot Atkinson

Elliot Atkinson is definitely a designer who captures the imagination, and you have to think quite hard about his collections, which I like. I imagine him to be an enigmatic and romantic character. He describes his signature as 'Tough but feminine, with a beautifully dark and decadent woman in mind'. This is quite an ambitious statement, as I think this woman belongs more to fantasy than to real life; however I love the way Atkinson explores this theme, really getting the most out of this fabric and playing with contrasts. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

Elliot Atkinson, Spring Summer 2012

Elliot Atkinson, Spring Summer 2012

Elliot Atkinson Spring Summer 2012

Today's Inspiration

Song: Champagne Coast by Blood Orange

Imagery: from Cool as Ice

Absolutely love song and everything about this video SO much. (Fyi this is not the official video for the song but I think they are unreal together). Listening to this song, this voice and watching this video makes me feel so escapist  ... and in need of an adventure RIGHT NOW!!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Tuesday: Object of Desire

Cross embroidered mini skirt by Topshop.

Wear it with: wedge heel ankle boots, a cotton T and a leather jacket.

Monday, 24 October 2011

The Death of A Salesman: how the internet is taking over the world

'Tough Talk' necklace, Tom Binns Spring Summer 2012

As a member of exclusive New York's newest and most innovative e-commerce site, Moda Operandi, one can gain access to online trunk shows, which enables you to purchase the hottest items fresh off the catwalk and a season ahead of everyone else. Right now that means from the Spring Summer 12 collections (see above). Online has been the future of retail undoubtedly for years, but now it is also the future of branding: brands rely on building up a large part of their consumer goodwill by being digitally savvy and 'interacting' with their clients via the internet.  It also makes more sense now that all the major fashion collections are essentially trans-seasonal. What will the next step be for the future customer experience???   

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Quote of the Day: Patti Smith

In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth. 

Patti Smith on the cover of New York Times Style magazine

Hats Off

As regular readers will know: I love to love hats; and I love to love Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2. Oh and if you throw in something dramatic all the better! So not too surprising that I just loved me these hats from the DSquared2 Autumn Winter collection! 20 gallon hats you say?? On every single model?! Dramatic much?? Loves It!!!

DSquared2 Autumn Winter 2011

DSquared2 Autumn Winter 2011

DSquared2 Autumn Winter 2011

Images courtesy of

Leather Sleeves

This has been one of the biggest micro trends of the season: you can't move for a trench coat; a jumper; a jacket ... + leather sleeves.  And it looks pretty cool. You don't even need a dolla to embrace this though, which makes it one of the easiest trends to nail: simply layer your fave leather biker with a sleeveless knit or a denim waistcoat and Bob is your oh so trendy uncle. DIY fashion at its most simple. Check it out (with my sincerest apologies for the grainy photos from my Blackberry!)

Today's Object of Desire...

... These Alaia booties. Best foot forward. Yes please.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Stuff I Love: Acne x Daniel Silver

Acne is known for its capsule collections and creative collaborations; most recently with London born, African-inspired artist, Daniel Silver. Silver was instructed by Acne's creative director, Johnny Johansson to 'make fabric' and from there the capsule collection was born. I love the bright colour palette to cheer up grey winter days. I love that it represents; and blurs that beautifully fine line between fashion and art. I love that everything Acne touches turns to cool; and this is no exception.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Borgo's Baubles

This autumn, deck yourself out with Borgo's baubles, falalalalalalalala .... Seriously one of the coolest jewellery designers around at the moment, I want one of everything please!

Eddie Borgo dragonfly necklace

Eddie Borgo hinged ring

Eddie Borgo spiked cone bracelet

Images: Net a Porter

Just Kids

Sometimes, it's just nice to stay in, turn off your phone, and snuggle up with a really good book and a mug of cocoa (sssh). As a massive fan of Robert Mapplethorpe's photography, I recently decided to read a memoir of his life, Just Kids, written by his long term friend and muse, Patti Smith. I can say that it was hands down one of the best books I have ever read and it literally made me want to go back in time to late 60's/70's New York and just Hang Out at the Hotel Chelsea. Better still, the entire book is peppered with personal photos that Robert took of Patti; photos of taken of the two of them; and some of their art. Not only were they super stylish, but it truly is a brilliant story, beautifully told. It is also an extremely uplifting account of two soulmates, who loved art for its own sake, and who did not try and fit a mould or quash their imperfections. I recommend. 

On my radar: Kevork Kiledjian

Autumn: the start of a new season and definitely a good time for trying out hot new new labels and cool new looks. New York designer Kevork Keledjian produced what was easily one of the hottest collections for Autumn/Winter 2011 ... it's so on my radar right now.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Stuff I Love: Bex Rox

I am an absolutely massive fan of Bex Rox jewellery when it comes to getting my bling on! You can add a piece (or 3) to any outfit and it almost completely lifts my mood by at least 10%. So, guess what kids?? Yup....Loves it ;) These are a few of my favourite things:

Bex Rox: ruby antelope ring
Bex Rox: art deco cuff
Bex Rox: Elephant bracelet

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Todays Inspiration: 60s Glamour

Alexa in Christopher Kane

Temperley Spring 2010

'Blow Up' (1966)

'Blow Up' (1966)

As you can see, I am currently having a bit of a 60’s moment. I shall certainly be channelling this look after dark. Going out tonight?….
Some inspirations:
  • Film: Blow Up
  • Beauty Icon: Anna Karina
  • Photography: David Bailey, John French
  • Model: Jean Shrimpton
...Loves It!

While I was flicking through some images, I also came across something, which for obvious reasons I can't publish here so just thought I would share: to celebrate its anniversary, the inimitable Vogue Italia has offered online readers the chance to go back into the archives and flick through its first ever issue from 1965. Check out amazing editorials: the art-inspired 'Per Essere Ornamentali' is stunning and La Magnifiche Sera in Casa captures the spirit and evokes the glamour of the age. It is worth a look for the 60's advertising too: 'Beige a go-go by Max Factor' (hilarious).

How Cool are These High Tops??!!!

Neon High tops by HTC 

image courtesy of

Neon AND studded ... I need these in my life right now!


Yuhu! Oh hi. I'm back! After a little 4 month break to 'find myself' (FYI I am actually a unicorn)!!

I will be picking up from where I left off back in June so please watch this space for more of my amusing musings on fashion, shopping and style inspiration. Loves it!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Monday Loves It: Double Gold Chain and Vintage Hoop Earrings

Absolutely LOVED everything about this photoshoot featuring Racquel Zimmerman in the June issue of Vogue. Perfect styling. 

Friday, 27 May 2011

RIP Jeff Conaway

"A hickey from Kenickie is like a Hallmark card..."

I first watched Grease when I was about 9 years old ... so I experienced some major nostalgia just now to hear that Jeff Conaway, the actor who played Kenickie, passed away this afternoon. PS: I'll let you in on a little secret: my 9 year old self was totally peachy keen, jellybean for a hickey from Kenickie!

Something a bit strange going on: only this morning I was searching Google images for a picture of Sandy and Danny in the flying car which I was going to blog about as my super-tacky, Friday morning inspiration (maybe I have a sixth sense!!!). jokes. Only I couldn't find the image anywhere! Anyway gonna go now, don a rara skirt (maybe!!) and relive my youth by rewatching the movie for the millioneth time ...

Happy Weekend xxx 

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Step Inside ...

 ... Ortigia on Marylebone High Street.

This luxe Sicilian shop sells candles, scents and essences inspired by the lush tropical climes of Sicily. My favourite scent for summer is the Orange Blossom which conjures up lush, heady lazy afternoons basking in the sunshine. Heaven scent.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Monday: Object of Desire

These Zuriick leather booties. So - if anyone can tell me where I can get hold of a pair from London ... well - I might just love u forever!
Inspired by the afterhours, this design is wide open city streets, late nights in bars and way-too-early morning coffee. Leather.

Image courtesy of

Hats Off

So Princess Beatrice has only gone and done something rather admirable and sold her chapeau on Ebay for charideeee ...  Nice one, B. Not only has she turned around and done something rather good with something that attracted more criticism than it deserved but it is also a bit of a one-fingered salute to all the critics who hacked off the hat making them - well - probably eating their hats right now!!! Made me smile!

Friday, 20 May 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons ...

 ... Say: F*ck the Lemons! And Buy Shoes. Loving these: fierce lemon yellow (see what I did there?!!) platforms by Charlotte Olympia.

Monday, 16 May 2011

I NEED these in my life ...

Another day ... another fashion discovery to enhance my wardrobe (and deplete my wallet!). Introducing Black Milk by Aussie designer James Lillis who has actually created leggings that are like works of art. Leggings I actually want to wear!!!  Beyond. 

'Cathedral' leggings by James Lillis

'Union Jack' leggings by James Lillis

'Silver Spartan' leggings by James Lillis

'Silver Cage' leggings by James Lillis

Images courtesy of

I Can't Believe It's Topshop

Yesterday's cover of ST Style featured this super hot silk floral print dress by Topshop. Definitely a summer must-have ... wear it with this season's wedges for perfect day-to-night style. Gorgeous.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Today's Inspiration: Let them Eat Cake

I am super excited: on Thursday Laduree are going to open their first stand alone cafe in Covent Garden. Expect sumptuous treats in pretty pastel colours. The best part is that the cafe will remain open until 11 pm on week nights. Sweet.

Everyone's at it - Maje ad campaign: