One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art - Oscar Wilde

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Why should I be an usher....

.....I'm Chuck Bass (and I look ridiculously good in a suit).

When I was on my Gap Year, I spent 4 months working for Tiffany and Co and I developed a complete and utter (style) crush on one of the boys who I was working with who came to work one day wearing the most beautiful handmade bespoke pale grey suit. I think the image will be imprinted on my memory forever, such is the impact of a well-cut suit. Suits are undeniably the very essence of masculinity.

Although a suit would seem to be a fashion no-brainer, a man in a good suit is hard to find and for this I blame one thing: mass production. When you look back on the pre-industrial revolution history of suits, each was created made to measure, by a tailor who was highly skilled in the art of suit making (it is an art, as anyone who works on Savile Row will know). However this does not mean that for a man to wear a suit well that they have to employ such lengths (or expense).

Firstly, the cut is vital. Often I see men in suits that are too big at the shoulders and therefore the drape is completely wrong. Secondly, the material: if it is not shiny, then you are half way there (seriously, I've spotted a lot of men on my daily commute who look dangerously flammable). Finally, well placed accessories can make a vital difference. Personally I love the flair of a suit worn with a cravat, or a well placed hankerchief in the upper breast pocket, but I understand that not every man has got what might be regarded as dandy-ish inclinations. However simplicity and a good, pressed shirt and well-knotted tie will never fail.

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