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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Trend Forecast: the 90s

Fashion, they say, goes in 20 year cycles so that means that the time is ripe for a 90's revival. We can already see this creeping into designers mentalities: firstly, parkas began to reappear on the catwalks and are being marketed at the moment as an essential festival cover up. Then we have the new black and white Calvin Klein advertisements starring Lara Stone, which are a direct echo of the iconic CK1 campaign which featured Kate Moss at her heroin chic best. Finally, the models for Alexander Wang's latest collection sported greasy-look slicked back hair....anyone remember grunge?

The kids of the 90s grew up with Brit pop battles (Blur v Oasis); a grunge aesthetic (Marc Jacobs, Nirvana) and plenty of teen drama (Dawson's Creek, My So Called Life). Let's take Dawson's Creek, so far removed from the polished glamour of Gossip Girl. What happened to the teenagers we grew up with? Well, there was Dawson (the geeky, repressed one) who let it all out in the film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's 'The Rules of Attraction'. Then there was little Joey Potter (the hot tomboy unaware of how smoking she was even though she hooked up with all the boys in the cast at some point-even the gay one) who went on to marry her childhood pin up. All the girls loved Pacey (the hot one) and of course he is now dating the uber stylish Diane Kruger. Lastly there was Jen (the quirky indie one) whose success has been overshadowed by the death of Heath Ledger, with whom she had a child. Stylish they were not, but what they lacked in fashion sense they made up for with plenty of angst: the ultimate 90's style accessory

It hasn't quite made a full comeback yet, but it is on its way so Watch this space!!!!!

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