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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Step Inside: Taschen

Going into Taschen is akin to entering a Narnia-esque fantasy of fashion, photography and art, so it is easy to lose yourself inside for hours at a time. Taschen publications are sold, of course, in bookshops across the world but what makes the atmosphere of visiting the store itself so special is that it is both shop and showroom to the limited edition opuses and collector's editions that line the shelves. Downstairs, the small gallery exhibits original prints which are available to buy alongside the books, and which provide any conoisseur a wonderful way to own a piece of art as well as a unique coffee table tome.

The newest publication is the stunning 'Rose C'est Paris' by Bettina Rheims et Serge Bramly but my personal favourite has to be the recently released 'Fraulein' by Ellen von Unwerth. When I view a photograph I like to feel as though I could be a part of the scene; as though the reality is just out of reach, and Von Unwerth creates this sense of intimacy perfectly. In addition to this the sheer variety and range of her photographs is breathtaking: sometimes her subject might be shot in black and white with a slightly out of focus lens which creates a 1930s ambience, and at other times household names are captured in vivid colour for a more modern feel. Underlying each photograph is a life force, sense of character and even intellect as her subjects are the opposite of vacant.

Taschen, London is situated on Duke of York Square, Kings Road, SW3

Photography (above): Ellen von Unwerth

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