One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art - Oscar Wilde

Friday, 9 July 2010

Like a Prayer

(Pictures: 'Karma Sutra' dress; 'Hail Mary' dress; 'Dark Habit' cape and 'Amen' mini; 'Power of Glove' body suit and 'Tiers on my Pillow' skirt)

Antipodium's tagline on their facebook fan page is 'Tongue in chic fashion for the modern girl about town'. I of course am a big fan of 'tongue in chic' (see 'Glamping' post) so this idea appeals to me hugely. Each collection is based around different themes, but the same savage, slightly grungy urban glamour is a constant. Last summer I was very lucky as I received a present of the 'Karma Sutra' dress from the 'Tarot' collection (see above); when I wear it I channel my inner Bianca Jagger (who loved hooded dresses and who made glamour into an art form).

The latest collection is entitled 'Brides of Christ' and features lots of feather-light leathers, and a predominantly black and red colour scheme for a luxe, neo-gothic feel. It also plays wonderfully on the Madonna-whore dichotomy (see for example the 'Power of Glove' bodysuit and 'Hail Mary' dress pictured above). If I was a religious person then I would get down on my knees and offer up my prayers and worship at this most stylish altar.

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