One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art - Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

September Object of Desire

I bumped into my best friend's brother the other night; I had just arrived at her house for a girlie dinner as he was heading out for the night. As he was leaving he put on his overcoat, and I nearly died. This super mannish city coat is EXACTLY what I am after this season. I never really did the whole Diane Keaton in Annie Hall 'girls will be boys' look: before now I have always favoured femininity, which in coat-terms meant princess cuts and furs. However.....I have changed my mind, or rather my aesthetic sensibilities and am loving the idea of contrasting such a coat with a slip dress or structured skirt/silk shirt. (It sort of reminds me of turning blue with the cold in marquees at black tie events in the English countryside, only for a chivalrous gentleman to slip his dinner jacket around your shoulders).

'Nice coat', I remarked.

'Yes, gorgeous', said another friend of mine also in attendance. 'My brother has one just like it'.

'I want one for myself!' I had to explain. I was positively drooling, almost more than over the delectable smells coming from the kitchen.

Luckily, this season designers have answered my sartorial prayers and there is a plethora of such coats to be found around town. I especially like this type of coat in traditional menswear fabrics, such as tweed and with a smart collar. This week's mission: find my dream coat before the chill sets in for winter.

(Pictured: Men's City Coat by Chloe)

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