One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art - Oscar Wilde

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Cinderella Complex

Every girl needs a pair of hopelessly impractical shoes to treasure. I call this the Cinderella complex. In today's cynical and fast-paced world, handsome princes, fairy godmothers and mice that turn into footmen may be hard to come by. However there are and shall always be beautiful, unwearable shoes to covet and collect. My obsession began with a purple silk Prada pair with super-delicate purple silk rosebuds on the heels. I was at university and guilelessly spent my entire savings on them; and despite the fact I have worn them only once, my heart still skips a beat when I take them out of their box and slip them on my feet. Next came the black, suede ankle boots that I could not walk in but had to have. I wore them out on a first date and after several gin slings and a foray onto a cobbled courtyard, my legs went from under me, taking my date down too (luckily he saw the funny side and suggested another cocktail to ease the pain from the bump!) This season, I have my eye on these YSL pumps with a fringed heel (pictured). Divinely unnecessary-that is why I want them so much!

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