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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I Love Your Work, Harri Peccinotti

Below are some of my favourite images by uber-legendary photographer Harri Peccinotti. I don't know why, but they feel really relevant for right now. Maybe it is the bright colours in these particular pictures; or perhaps it is the exuberant celebration of les femmes fatales. Harri Peccinotti is famous for his graphic explorations of the female form, and he is undoubtedly an inspiration to designers and photographers, including Tom Ford and Terry Richardson, who love women for their femininity. 
Harri Peccinotti is someone I would love to meet - I bet he has some great stories under his beard!!   

Harri Peccinotti for L'Officiel magazine, 2009

Harri Peccinotti for the Pirelli calendar, 1968

By Harri Peccinotti

Editorial by Harri Peccinotti, 2009

Harri Peccinotti for Pirelli Calendar, 1968

Harri Peccinotti with Olivier Zahm, 2010

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