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Saturday, 2 April 2011

90s Revival: 'Nice Stems'

I have already been predicting a full-scale 90s revival here for a few months now ... and I want to remember the movie which captured the decade's penchant for preppy peppiness to perfection: Clueless (obvi!). From collar shirts, to knee high socks (set to the soundtrack of The Cranberries), the film definitively captured a sartorial moment in time.  

One of my favourite scenes in the entire film is when the camera pans in on Cher's perfect pins and white t-bar mary janes.

"Nice Stems":

Get the look right now:

T-bar Mary Janes by Topshop.

Loves It!!!

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  1. The clothes in clueless will ALWAYS be on trend (for me at least!)