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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sexy Denim: Label I Love

And so introducing a recent discovery of mine: the stunning MET denim collection, an inspired and varied collection which is guaranteed to jazz up your jeanswear. The brand is quintessentially Italian in that it is super-glamorous, and the range is sure to satisfy both denim and fashion lovers alike! The tagline for the brand is 'Pensato e produtto in Italia' (produced and created in Italy); the materials are all locally sourced and the entire collection is regionally produced, further adding to its authenticity.  Some of the most stylish celebrities around have been quick to cotton on and fans of the brand include Halle Berry and Kristen Stewart.  My personal favourites are the dark metallic, snakeskin finish 'Angel' pair, especially coming up to Christmas when I always love to add a bit of seasonal shimmer and shine to my wardrobe. I will be pairing mine with super-fine knit jumpers, cosy fur stoles and ankle boots. Simply gorgeous.

AnnaLynne McCord rocks out in her MET jeans

Angel Metallic Snakeskin Jeans


  1. OMG I LOVE those! What is that, Iguana print?!!

  2. iguana indeed! good spot x